The Traveling Teacher

Joe teaches beginning to intermediate guitar, banjo, bass, and songwriting lessons at home, on the road, and via Skype. Beginning his songwriting career at the age of 15, he was a self-taught guitar player until he eventually received a Bachelor of Music from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle WA in 2004, with a focus on guitar, voice, and music composition. All ages are welcome and encouraged.

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Teaching Philosophy

"What I find is that most people want to learn how to play the songs they love and maybe create a few of their own, to share with family and friends and to express themselves. As a self-taught player at heart, I learned many tricks along the way that made playing easier and more comfortable, helped me understand the underlying structure of the songs, and gave me a wider palate of sounds to choose from. One of the main points in my teaching is to help you learn how to learn the songs you love.

"There is a perceived distinction nowadays between 'musicians' and 'non-musicians' that didn't exist not too long ago. The whole community used to be involved in the music-making process, before there were iPods and radios. I believe music is accessible to all people, and has the capacity to bring joy and deep understanding to anyone who seeks it. A person's own musical style is like their handwriting or finger prints - no two are the same, none more worthy than another. If you have the drive to learn to play music and go after it, you wont be disappointed!"