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Back in the Sac(ramento) 

Back in the Central Valley after a beautiful springtime loop through the Northwest! Traveling can be so packed full of new experiences that two weeks feels like a month.. I am just coming back from the last week out in the far reaches of eastern Oregon, Idaho, and seriously isolated parts of Nevada. My favorite!

I had a great run of shows with Drew de Man, bringing his lap steel stylings to my tunes, joined by Brianna Blackbird in Portland and Seattle, the other half of their duo Pretend Sweethearts. I got to squeeze many friends from Eugene to Seattle, dropping in on the Camp Ten Trees annual auction, which is truly an event that can make a trans man cry. And that ain’t easy! I spent Easter with some great friends eating great food, then waddled over to Empty Sea Studios for the final show with Michael Connolly and the Sweethearts. The show will be ready any day now on The Roots Channel to watch on demand, for those of you who missed it. I’ll keep you posted.

Then, my lady friend and I took off for the Great Basin, and this happened:




Yes, that is a bathtub in the northern region of Washoe County, rigged up with a pipe flowing from an incredibly hot spring. Sarah and I found it following vague directions with flashlights after sunset, and saw a sea of stars like only Nevada can reveal. Here was another awesome one:



This one was outside the ghost town of Unionville, east of Lovelock. I swear, I could wander around Nevada for a year. One day I just may.

So as of now, I am trying to re-acclimate to the urban environment I live in, and am busy as ever writing songs and working on my solo album set for release in August, and setting up the tours for the late summer and fall. Songs of the People is trucking along, I’ll be putting up videos of some of them soon, stay tuned!


Songs of the People Project 

Introducing - Songs of the People! A collaboration between ordinary people and an ordinary songwriter, to tell our extraordinary stories. Check out the "projects" tab for more info

Webcast and NW Tour Dates 

April 12th, Sacramento CA

April 17th, Springfield OR

April 18th, Portland OR

April 20th, Seattle WA

Check out the newsletter and the Shows tab for more info!

Northwest Tour Announcement  

Joe will be wandering northward this April, beginning in Sacramento and San Fran, heading to Springfield OR and Seattle! Sacramento will kick things off at My Studio, then to the East Bay for a fundraiser for Queer Camp, location TBA. The Point Studio in Springfield is a wonderful space with wood floors and wall to wall mirrors, for everything from music to meditation, ecstatic dance, yoga, you name it. Empty Sea Studios in Seattle will be a great show - which will also be available on webcast, live and on demand. Watch it from the comforts of home! Check out the "shows" tab for more info.

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